I’ve started to see “story stones” pop up on Pinterest and have been very intrigued by them! The curse blessing of being a pediatric speech language pathologist is that my brain is constantly thinking …

“Could I use this in speech therapy?!”

I finally decided to search around Etsy and found a seller that had the cutest and affordable story stones!

The story stones arrived quickly and I instantly fell in love! I contacted the seller and she was generous to offer a discount code for “Texas Speech Mom” readers! So incredibly nice! (Code offered at end of the post!)



Oral Narrative Skills

Sprouting Imagination included some directions on how to use the story stones to develop storytelling! I love that this allows the child to use their creativity and imagination. This can result in many SILLY stories…. aka… right up any child’s alley!

Things to focus on:

Make sure the story has an opening. I always like “Once upon a time…”

Every story has a character. If the stone picked is an apple, you can talk about a character that liked to eat apples all day! If the stone picked is a tree, you can talk about how the character is a lumberjack! Use this opportunity to ask questions to the child and let them build their imaginary characters!

Every story has a setting. If the child is having a hard time coming up with different parts of the story, use questions to guide them!

Every story has a problem or conflict that happens to the character.

Then the character has to do something to solve the problem. This is a great time to use sequencing words like: first, next, then, finally.

Make sure to end all stories with talking about how the character solved the problem and how they feel about it! I love introducing feeling words as early as possible with students.


Phonological Awareness Skills

I always like to use any chance I can get to work on phonological awareness skills. Promoting literacy skills is important for all children, especially the ones that come to speech therapy for a speech or language delay.

Have the child take a stone out of the bag and practice answering the following questions:

What sound does it start with?

What are all of the sounds in this word?

Can you think of a word that rhymes with it?

How many syllables are in the word?

Group all of the stones that start with the same sound!


Describing Skills

Another great way to use the story stones is to work on vocabulary development by describing them!

Some questions you can use to guide the child:

What category/group is it in? (ex: the sandwich is a type of fruit)

What do you do with it?

What does it look like? (Color, shape, size, texture, etc)

What is it made of? (ex: sandwich is made of bread, lettuce, cheese, etc)

What are the parts? (ex: apple parts are the seeds, stem, leaf, etc)

free worksheet-4

I hope you enjoyed my ideas on how to promote speech and language skills while using story stones! If you are interested in purchasing the ones that I have used in this post, Sprouting Imagination has generously offered 15% off story stones to all of Texas Speech Mom followers for the next month! (expires April 18, 2018)


“Texas Speech Mom” is not affiliated with Sprouting Imagination and does not receive any financial compensation for this review. I simply loved this product after purchasing and wanted my readers to have a little treat! =)

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