Easy Christmas Craft For Language Development

I’ve been crafting for years in my speech therapy sessions. I am a huge believer in creating natural opportunities for speech and language development. Of course, creating something together is a perfect activity for that!

What’s even better is that my daughter is finally at the age where she really loves to sit at the “special table” and have “craft time”. We always sit at the “special table” (aka- dining table) when I am wanting some quite time together. We will make things, color, or use play doh during that quiet time. There are no distractions in there (like toys and tv) and I also think she just loves that it’s something different! (I mean… how cute is that!)

So- lets get to the fun craft! If you haven’t seen all of the fun holiday activities in the dollar spot at Target then you must go (… or RUN) there ASAP! Everything seems to go quick and you can’t beat inexpensive yet fun activities!

For this activity all you need are clear plastic ornaments, pom pom balls, and some ribbon. Super simple and cost a total of $5 since I already had the ribbon.


This is a great opportunity to review colors and use fine motor skills to sort the different color balls. I used a muffin pan to make it easy to keep them separated.

We also talked about “dark” green vs “light” green!


Then we talked about how we can sort by different sizes! She loved finding all of the small, medium, and large pom pom balls! This is a great opportunity to use other words like: tiny, huge, enormous, little, etc.


These tiny little pom poms provide so many opportunities for exposing great vocabulary!

She loved to point out how the “shiny” or “sparkly” ones were so pretty. They have little “spikes” and not as “smooth” as the other pom poms.

Another great way to describe something is talking about how something feels. The pom poms felt “soft” and “squishy”! Which then lead to my toddler wanting to squish every single one to check. Good news.. they are all squishy. =)

Then we talked about the shape of them. They are “round” like a ball and could roll across the table. You can guess what she wanted to do next…. roll ALL of the pom poms.


At this age I love to start incorporating fine motor activities because it is so important for early exposure. Picking up the different size pom poms and carefully putting into the top of the ornament was great practice.


After the pom pom balls were put into the ornaments, I just put the tops back on and tied some ribbon! Unfortunately I have never been a talented “bow maker” so I just stuck with the “tie a knot” strategy!

I think they turned out so cute and I loved spending the time making them together! Such a simple and easy activity that we both loved!

If you are not able to find the materials at your local Target Dollar Spot (or just don’t have time to get there because I definitely understand that!)…. I have searched for some inexpensive alternatives on Amazon. Just click on the picture below and it will send you to the affiliate link. (Affiliate links may provide a small compensation at no additional cost to you!)

Let me know if you end up making the same ornaments! I would love to hear from you!

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