Easy (and FREE) Halloween Gifts… Even A Toddler Can Do It!

It’s that time of the year where we start to pretend that it’s cooling down (even though it’s not) and holiday decorations start going up. Halloween seems to be the big kick off leading into Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, Hubby’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, My birthday… the list goes on! My brain turns into an instant Pinterest board and I can’t stop!

One thing that I really love is finding activities that include kids. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting everything to look perfect (which kids have no idea what that means) and during that process… we forget to include them.

Over the years of being a pediatric speech pathologist, I have received several gifts from my “kids” and it’s always so easy to tell that they have no idea what they gave me.

That is where I come in!

I have created printable gift tags and coloring sheets that make gift giving SO easy, but still gives you a chance to have the kids help too! The best part? IT’S FREE!


It really doesn’t get any easier than this!

Spoiler alert…. my toddler did not color these. She spent some quality time in time out today followed by an early nap time. #reallife #byegirl

I hope you and your littles love the gift tags and coloring sheets! They will definitely remember what they are giving this time around!

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